Hey, just to let you guys know, I'm taking a break from WoW, simply because I'm not really that into it right now. Also seeing as there is more then likely not going to be anything new till CATA(witch doesn't even have a release date ATM) I figured it was a good time to take a break.

I'll be back when I get back, cheers


NDA Lifted

The CATA NDA has been lifted!!!! We can now see tool tips for our new shots and abilities(we have ANOTHER aspect) we're getting. Also the info for professions are out, and theres now a new enchant to replace tuskkar's with(25 agil instead of 15 stam), and delicate chimera eye is a +84 agil gem!!

But rather then me blab on, heres the link!

WoW Life Update

This isn't going to be like my other posts, its just going to be about what I've been up to in game.

The biggest thing that has changed, is that I'm on a new server! Last week Monday, Ellesher(my own personal drood slave) and I transferred to Drenden. Why drenden and why the transfer? well simply because my old server was a PST server, and since I live in EST, all raid nights were late night raid nights, so the new guild I'm in runs earlier, which allows me to raid more.

Also, because I'm new to my guild, I'm not really on the immediate invite list, which is fine, because its only fair. But with the time I've freed up, me and Ellesher(who is a tree by trade, if you're wondering) have started our 2v2 team(something that we've though about doing for a long time) which in our first week we got to 1100 rating. 1100 isn't very high, but seeing as I'm not a very strong PVP hunter(yet), that and....well aside from wrists and pvp trinket Ellesher has no PVP gear I thought we did fairly well.

I've also been doing a ton of BGs, and I can tell that all the PVP I've done has seriously helped my PVE, and I'm also setting up/messing around with FRAPS, so I may have some videos of me actually doing something, in the near future(let me know what you think about it in the comments).

** while I was writing this post I got side tracked(big surprise) and read the latest post over at, which is a really good guide on hunter lvling. I thought it may be helpful to those interested in lvling a hunter.


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