Hey guys! Today will be a quick post on all the haste I see hunters gemming/enchanting.

Lets right off the bat say that you never want haste, the only stat worse then haste, is hit rating when you're hit capped(which a lil extra hit is never really a bad thing).

The reason people are wanting haste is because of the 2 piece T10 bonus ( your auto shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to do an additional 15% damage for 10 seconds )
Now this is pretty nice, and if you gem haste then it will probably proc faster and more often, but you always have to ask yourself, "is it really better then gemming or enchanting agil?"

Well I did a quick spread sheet test, most of the hunters that do use haste only replace 10 agil+10 crit with 10 agil + 10 haste gems, which really may not be that much....or is it?

On the spread sheet for my own toon, I put in an extra 10 crit, and then took it out and compared it to 10 haste, and found that for every 10 crit you replace with 10 haste you lose about 5 unbuffed dps. Now 5 dps might not seem like a lot, but thats per every 10 haste you replace, and if you went as far as replace agil with haste you'll lose even more.

So long story short.....as it is right now, you do not want haste, and should also try to get gear that doesn't have haste on it......and haste for the 2 piece T10 bonus IS NOT worth it.

thats all for today.

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

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  1. Was made aware of this blog because of Brigwyn, and it's all good so far. Thanks for this post, has inspired me to get rid of the +8 agi +8 haste on my shoulders and replace with +10 agi +10 crit.

    Wowsa says:

    Sweet, I'm glad it helped you :D

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