Raiding Pets

Hey guys!

today's post will be on what pet you should bring to a raid.

Now, if you want to be doing the most dps you can, regardless of what spec you are, you want a wolf. The wolf's ability of furious howl is a lot better then the rest of the pets, but there is an alternative to using a wolf.

A wasp gives a minor armor de-buff to the boss, this de-buff (farie fire)is normally applied by a feral druid( though any druid can apply it, you won't commonly see a boomkin or tree to change forms mid fight to apply it) . So running with a wasp instead of a wolf will lower your own dps, but it will increase the raid's dps, which will be more then you could pull by having a wolf.

So the best pet:

1st wolf (If there is a minor armor de-buff in the raid)
2nd wasp (If there isn't a minor armor debuff in the raid then this should be your first choice)
3rd........use a wolf or wasp.....or I'll send gnomes after you ;D

NOTE: using a wasp has no benefit if your raid already has someone applying the minor armor de-buff. I recommend simply asking your raid if there is someone that can apply it before busting out the wasp(keep in mind other hunters that may also have a wasp).

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I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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