Hey, just to let you guys know, I'm taking a break from WoW, simply because I'm not really that into it right now. Also seeing as there is more then likely not going to be anything new till CATA(witch doesn't even have a release date ATM) I figured it was a good time to take a break.

I'll be back when I get back, cheers


NDA Lifted

The CATA NDA has been lifted!!!! We can now see tool tips for our new shots and abilities(we have ANOTHER aspect) we're getting. Also the info for professions are out, and theres now a new enchant to replace tuskkar's with(25 agil instead of 15 stam), and delicate chimera eye is a +84 agil gem!!

But rather then me blab on, heres the link!

WoW Life Update

This isn't going to be like my other posts, its just going to be about what I've been up to in game.

The biggest thing that has changed, is that I'm on a new server! Last week Monday, Ellesher(my own personal drood slave) and I transferred to Drenden. Why drenden and why the transfer? well simply because my old server was a PST server, and since I live in EST, all raid nights were late night raid nights, so the new guild I'm in runs earlier, which allows me to raid more.

Also, because I'm new to my guild, I'm not really on the immediate invite list, which is fine, because its only fair. But with the time I've freed up, me and Ellesher(who is a tree by trade, if you're wondering) have started our 2v2 team(something that we've though about doing for a long time) which in our first week we got to 1100 rating. 1100 isn't very high, but seeing as I'm not a very strong PVP hunter(yet), that and....well aside from wrists and pvp trinket Ellesher has no PVP gear I thought we did fairly well.

I've also been doing a ton of BGs, and I can tell that all the PVP I've done has seriously helped my PVE, and I'm also setting up/messing around with FRAPS, so I may have some videos of me actually doing something, in the near future(let me know what you think about it in the comments).

** while I was writing this post I got side tracked(big surprise) and read the latest post over at, which is a really good guide on hunter lvling. I thought it may be helpful to those interested in lvling a hunter.


Choosing Your Gear

Choosing what gear you want to get can sometimes be tough, especially since you can't really copy the gear choices that other hunters make, because you probably don't have the same access to gear that they have. But with a little understanding, choosing your gear isn't as hard as you may think.

Most hunter gear has AP and crit, these are the two stats you'll see on your gear the most, but generally there is a 3rd stat to take into consideration. The 3rd stat will be either haste, amor pen or hit rating. When choosing your gear at lower ilvls, don't worry about taking as much gear with hit rating as you can only have a couple pieces of gear with hit, and still meet the cap with talents. But as marks with higher ilvls of gear, you'll have a lot more ARP, and will want to carefully choose, so that you don't need as many talents in focused aim and you can put them in improved steady shot.

After taking hit rating into account, you want to try and take the gear without haste. While haste does improve your DPS, it's the worst stat we have and should be avoided. However, there is course exceptions, for example: if you have a low ilvl melee weapon, and you're able to get your hands on Distant Land , then you will want to take it, because its a DPS increase.

A couple rules of thumb are:

* Take enough gear with hit that you don't need to go to the extreme of taking 3 talents in focused aim and even gem/enchant hit rating.

*After the first rule, only take gear with ARP and not haste.

Also, test out pieces of gear using the spreed sheets, it's the best way to figure out what gear is best for you.

I hope this helps clear up some of the email questions I've gotten, cheers.

Hunter Armor Pen Guide

Currently one of the most misused stats, that we hunters have is armor pen(ARP). Some hunters just go full out and gem it when they have very little ARP and end up losing DPS. While others just ignore ARP completely and keep gemming agil, even though they have enough ARP to see a DPS increase if they were to gem ARP.
One thing we have to keep in mind, is that at lower lvls of gear, 1 point of ARP is worth much less then 1 point of agil. But when you get more ARP, you reduce the targets armor by X% and 1 point of ARP becomes more and more dps.

So here is a guide/ some tips for ARP as Marks:

*With less then 400 passive ARP(ARP that you've gotten just from your gear) you want to pretty ignore changing anything for ARP.

*At 400-450 you should have about enough ARP, that your steady shot will be more DPS then arcane. At this point you want to remove talents from improved arcane shot and put them in inproved steady shot, and then remove arcane shot from your rotation(be sure to use it while moving and you have no other instant shots to fire. *also note,at this point you also want to be timing your auto shots with your movement, because they'll be doing a lot more dps.*

*At 750ish passive ARP, 1 point for ARP will be slightly more dps then 1 point of agility. At this point you'll want to trade your +20 agil gems in for +20 ARP gems. Also you should start using Hearty Rhino and Elixir of Armor Piercing .*do not replace your +10 agil/+10 crit gems that you have for socket bonuses at this point, the socket bonus will still probably be more dps then the +20 ARP gem.*

*At 850ish you should be able to replace all gems(not hit gems of course) with +20 ARP gems. At this point the one thing you really have to make sure to watch, is that you're not going over the ARP cap of 1400(you only want 1315 ARP if you're using Hearty Rhino and Elixir of Armor Piercing .

**Edit*** I forgot to mention, like I normally do, that you should use the spreadsheets to get a definite answer to when you can change stuff when you get the right ammount of ARP.

So that is pretty much the jist of ARP as Marks, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or shoot me an email.

Hunter Dead Zone

So I was reading up on CATA changes and what not, and I couldn't help but want to slap blizz, since their more then likely not going to do anything much with the hunter dead zone.
If you don't know what the phamous "hunter dead zone", it's the area between melee and ranged(5 yards I believe) where you cannot use your ranged attacks.

Now a lot of other people really want it removed from the game, because for fights like marrowgar it's like a kick in the pants. But I really doubt that blizz will take it out of the game, but what would add something interesting is if we could still use our ranged attacks in the "dead zone" but with reduced power(so if your CHIM shot does 10k at ranged then it would do, say 5k if your in the "dead zone"). But this would add another "do I press this button now or wait a couple seconds" but really, seeing as we're already not the top DPS class(right now, but haste could change everything up), it would just give us another mechanic to worry about.

Looking at the dead zone from the PVP point of view, its just horrible, and I think that if they had reduced power for our dead zones it would help us a lot with pvp. But keep in mind, that we are one of the best kiting classes in the game, we have so many abilities to help us kite and keep other players at a distance, so our dead zone in PVP really should be a big deal to us.

Now, honestly I don't really mind the whole dead zone thing, it's just there and a part of how I play my hunter now, but the only thing I actually like about it is I always get to sit at the back and do my thing, and I get to see whats going on the whole fight. But other then that it's just a pain in the class's back side. Hunters are already the odd bastard child of blizz, because we have so many factors that we don't share with other classes, and while I like that we're different from other classes, this isn't a difference I like.

But ya thats my take on the hunter dead zone, let me know what you guys think in the comments.

Under Used Hunter Abilities

Here are some hunter abilities that I think are highly under used by most hunters:

Misdirect: Most hunters only pop one MD as the tank pulls, this is not right. you should be watching your threat meter, not just to make sure you don't pull, but also to help the tank if someone else is close to pulling aggro.

Feign Death: Useful for kiting,threat management and being annoying in PVP, make sure you know when to use this ability and when not to(don't use it when you're about to wipe on a boss and you have hero/lust de-buff).

Deterrence: By not getting hit by something, you saves heals for someone else...nuff said.

Masters Call
: Great in PVP and PVE though you'll probably use it the most in PVP

Distracting Shot: This one is unfortunately very under used, it's very useful for fights like saurfang, rotface, and dreamwalker, where you can kite an add so someone else doesn't get hit.

Tranq Shot: while it's not that often that we need to use tranq shot in PVE it removes HOTs in PVP, so it's still very useful.

That about sums it up, if you have any questions, please post them below, or email me.
You can still email me a armory link if you want a character audit.

and don't forget you can follow me on twitter: wowsapewpew

good luck and go down some bosses.

Using PVP To Help Your PVE

So, lately I've been doing a lot of PVP, mainly BGs but I do also do 2V2 with a mage. One thing that I found when I was raiding last night(on LK 10m,very cool fight, made good progress throughout the night) was how much me doing PVP is helping my PVE.
In PVP you have to be situationally aware or your not going to last very long, you also get a ton of practice thinking on your feet and trying to figure out the best way to deal with a tight situation is.

here are a few tips I recommend if you really want to get your PVP to help your PVE:

* Try to focus on BGs, arena is still helpful, but BGs have a lot more players and you'll find yourself getting into harder situations, like massive battles for flags and what not.

*PVP in the same spec as you PVE in. not to say you should use the exact same spec, but if you raid marks, PVP in marks(I raid in the normal 7/57/7 marks build, but I PVP in a marks build with scatter shot talents). That way you'll get use to getting yourself out of messes and can easier translate that into PVE.

*Find yourself a partner. I'd recommend finding one other person to do BGs with(I do BGs with a real life friend whos a tree), try to make it a healer. the biggest problem you'll have in PVP is being squishy, very few people will hesitate to try and take down a single hunter, if your out on your own. Me and my tree friend have done some insane stuff in PVP, with a solid healer you can take on groups of people that you might normally just be stepped on by.

*Get PVP gear, just because you may only be doing PVP for PVE doesn't mean you have to be one of those people that get cut in half like butter. But keep in mind that if your in ICC 25m gear and you old dusty PVP gear is deadly(like mine was XD) then you will probably want to wait until you can get you hands on some higher ilvl PVP gear.

Long story short, try some PVP if you don't normally do any, it will help your PVE.

Thats all for now, if you have any questions about this post, please post them in the comments.
Also if you have any unrelated questions feel free to email me( you can also check me out on twitter (wowsapewpew)

till next time...I'm Wowsa and happy PVPing

How To Be A Solid DPS

So, I'm one of those people that is always trying to be sure that my raid spot is justified. That means that your not using a raid spot that your guild could give to someone else and could have more DPS, or a stronger player.

so heres basically my checklist of things you can do to make sure you justify your raid spot:

1. Always be doing everything you can(don't slack off, always be willing to do what you can).

2.Don't focus on your DPS too much. Its more important to be executing fight mechanics correctly and not screwing over the raid, then doing way more DPS then anyone else , and wipe the raid.

3. Be prepared. make sure you're repaired, have ammo,have raid consumables(maybe even some extras for guildies that forgot, or didn't have time to go to the AH).

4. Do what you raid leader tells you. Follow your raid groups strategy, not your own.

5. Remember that hunters are one of the most versatile classes in the game(we can kite, help with threat and have lots of instant shots), this means that we may often find ourselves getting asked to do some raid mechanic that you may find boring. Personally I'm more then happy to do those kind of things, just because it helps the raid.

6. Don't feign death if your raid leader says to wipe the raid, you'll still have the heroism/bloodlust debuff. If you don't have the debuff it doesn't really matter, but usually it just ends the fight faster(if I hear "wipe it", I just find my self a nice slime puddle to sit in).

7. Be elite not elitest. Always be the best you can, but remember to be humble, the healers usually don't want to see you're recount.

8. Have fun. Everyone has a different way of enjoying WoW, respect that. I enjoy WoW by always trying to get better and better, if that is not your way of playing then don't play that way. Don't try to tell people otherwise, just remember that if your a chilled laid back player that only wants to do just enough dps, you shouldn't try to get in a hardcore raiding guild who's member are min-maxing to the teeth(you'll only cause drama).

Thats all for now, I know I've been slacking off a bit, but I want to keep the site a hobby and not a chore(forgive my lack of linking/html skills, their more then lacking xD).

Remember, if you have any questions please either post them in the comments or email( ) them to me(so far I've been keeping on top of them, so you'll probably get a response fairly quick). Also you can check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew)

till next time.....I'm Wowsa and *insert catchy catch phrase here*

Hunter Enchants Guide

Hey guys!

So, seeing as I really didn't like my old post on enchants, I made a new one!

These are the enchants that you want on your gear:

Arcanum of Torment

Greater Inscription of the Axe

Powerful Stats

Eternal Belt Buckle

Icescale Leg Armor

Superior Agility
Tuskarr's Vitality (Cat's swiftness if you can find it)

Greater Assault

Major Agility

Major Agility

2 Handed Weapon

1 Handed Weapon
Superior Potency

Ranged Weapon
Heartseeker Scope

Keep in mind, that you want to use whatever special enchants you get from your profession, if they're better(scribe's shoulder enchant, leatherworker's bracer enchant).
Now, about the boot only want Icewalker if you're under the hit cap, and you only need a little bit of hit rating. Then there is Tuskarr's Vitality and Superior Agility, I switch out boot enchants during raid depending on the fight. For fights like Festergut, where there isn't a lot of movement I use Superior Agility, but for fights like Saurfang or Rotface, where there is a lot of movement I use Tuskarr's Vitality. However I only swap out the enchants, if I don't need Icewalker.
The boot enchants really don't make too big of a difference depending on which one you use, so if you just don't want to change your enchants in raid, and want a solid choice, go with Superior Agility.

That is all there really is too it; at this point in the game enchants are dirt cheap, so don't cheap out for lesser enchants, unless you're still gearing up(if you have a lot of ilvl 232 or under).

Also make sure you post any questions you have in the comments, you can also send me questions by email( I hope to make a post answering the questions I've gotten in the near future.
and don't forget to check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew).

Flask V.S. Elixir

Hey guys!

This post will be about flasks, and elixirs.

Now, most people use flasks, reason being that they give a strong buff, they last through death, and their cheap. But, if you want to be min-maxing, then you'll probably want to be using two elixirs.

There are two kinds of elixirs, battle elixirs(which buffs stats that increase damage) and guardian elixirs(which buffs stats like MP5 INT. and health). The simpler to choose of the two kinds of elixirs are guardian elixirs. Your choices of guardian elixirs are: MP5, INT. and health. Now right off the bat, it's clear that you want to use
Elixir of Mighty Thoughts(+45 int.), seeing as hunters don't need extra health, and we don't use MP5.
But the battle elixir can be a little bit more tricky, we have many options, +90 AP,+45 ARP,+45agil and +30 agil with 12 crit.

For me the best choice is +45 agil, however if your close to the ARP hard cap you'd want +45 ARP.

Best thing to do, is to use the spread sheet, and find out for yourself whats best.

Now, do you want to use your elixirs or flasks?
well, using the spread sheet, my dps went up 17(unbuffed)dps when I used elixirs. 17dps isn't much, and if you die, you would have to rebuff with the elixir, but if your like me, then you're here to min-max, not worry about the costs of raiding.

*note: there is a battle elixir that gives +45 hit rating, I highly do not recommend using it. Simply because if you die in a fight, and you are battle rez'd and you forget to rebuff your elixir it would be a much larger dps loss then if you didn't have a +45 agil elixir( you could miss your killshots =O ).*

That is all for today,I hope to start a series of posts on the raiding buffs you get from professions, next week. till then, don't forget to comment below, check me out on twitter (wowsapewpew) and email me any questions you may have.

till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask/elixirs ;D

Sindragosa Down!

Hey guys, last night we went in and downed sindragosa!!! Seeing as only two people in the raid had seen the fight before, I'd say we did very well.

All thats left is LK and PP, which I'm more then sure we would have downed if we had time. But I really can't wait to see the LK fight.

Sindragosa is pretty easy, just make sure you know what your doing(I am not a good example of that XD).

Quick tip for hunters on Sindragosa is to just meele the ice tombs down during the first phase,your meele doesn't do much but you'll still take it down a bit while being protected.

Another thing is to disengage out when Sindragosa pulls you in, that'll almost guarantee that you won't get hit by the AOE so long as you jump-disengage and then run a couple steps.

Thats all for today, till next time......

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Update for my progression

Hey guys!

so I just thought I'd put out a post letting you guys know where I'm at in raiding progression ATM.

This week we went in, cleared the first four, and fester and rot like, we always do. Then we worked on PP for the rest of the night(still haven't downed him, because I'm in group two, which means we have people that are under geared/new to raiding/haven't mastered their toon yet).

The next night the group went in, me and some of the other core group members were absent, and the group didn't go in till later, but they did down the blood princes.

last night we went in again, started off the night with a surprising one shot of valithria(half the raid had never pulled on the boss, and I was assigned to kiting duty, which while easy it's still important to know what your suppose to do(I didn't XD )) we then proceeded to Blood queen, which we spent about an hour on, and then we downed her.After Blood queen we started clearing trash for Sindragosa but some of the raid members had to log before we were able to pull. We did very well last night. Mainly because I think everyone was on their game(cept I wasn't too hot XD ), As well as one of the lower DPSers we normally had was absent, and since the guild's group 1 didn't run that night, one of the officers was able to come on his lock, and did almost twice as much dps as the person he replaced.

Hopefully this week we'll down PP and the farm bosses and can work on sindragosa(we won't be extending the lockout any time soon because people still need gear). I'm very happy with the progression that our raid team has made, and I'm sure we'll be knocking on mr. LK's office door soon!

So currently, I've downed everything except for LK, PP and Sindragosa on 10m, and have downed the first four, Fester and Rotface on 25m.

anyways, thats all for now, till next time....

I'm Wowwsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Need Ideas

Hey guys!!

So, lately I've kind of been having trouble coming up for ideas for posts. So I figured, if anyone of you have any questions, or feedback, or anything you'd like to see a post about, email me( I'll try answer them on the blog. :D

Don't forget you can email me for a character audit, you can also check me out on twitter: wowsapewpew .

Thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Raiding Competence

Hey guys!

So as you may have noticed I've been lacking in the regular posting area, but that is due to life being busy ATM, so please don't keel muh!

Today is just going to be a quick post on raiding competence.
Raiding competence for me, can be broken down into a few main points:

1. Don't die. This pretty much means, moving out of the fire. It doesn't matter how much dps you lose by doing something, if you're dead you don't do any dps.

2. Know the fight. Make sure you know what will happen during the fight.( if you know that putricide will stun everyone at 80% and 35% then you can be sure to refresh your serpent sting just before then)

3. Be able adapt at any time. Be ready at all times for your raid leader to ask you to pick up an add( if the off tank goes down on rotface), or be able to stop all dps on the boss and focus on an add( meaning take your pet off and cancel DOTs).

4. Pay attention to your surroundings. This one is a lot like #3 but is still important. If someone is assigned to dps an add, and they die, sometimes you shouldn't wait for your raid leader to tell you to take over the fallen raid members duty(a good example would be if someone that was suppose to be in a cannon on the gunship died, you hop in that cannon and take over until a B-rez goes out or raid leader states otherwise).

In summary, always be open minded while raiding, and know what your doing, will make you get invited back ;D

thats all for today, till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

1 month!!

Hey guy!!

So, I've been posting on this blog for a month now, and I have to say that I am happy with it. Though I would like to go back and re-do some posts so that its in a easier to understand format, so expect to see changes to the site.

Now that I've gotten a lot of the more important things that I wanted to get out there posted, I'll probably be focusing on getting the site looking nicer,and that kind of stuff. I still hope to be posting almost everyday, as well as editing older posts.

I'd also like to thank everyone that has given me advice, and everyone that have sent me emails, If I didn't have some of the advice I got when I started out, I probably wouldn't be at this point. It was much appreciated :D

So this was basically a post to let ya guys know what I plan to do, and to just let you know, you ain't seen nothing yet ^.^

till next time...

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask

Raiding With Lag/Latency

Hey guys!!!

Since most people do have latency issuses, I thought I'd share how I deal with my lag.
Normally in 10m raids, I don't have any lag, but in 25m I almost always do.

A couple things I'll talk about in this post us how you can prevent lag, and give some tips on raiding with lag.

So, first how to help prevent lag.
I use Leatrix Latency Fix and also WTFast .

Leatrix latency fix is a free, lightweight script. Just download, restart your compy and your good to go. This script does help quite a bit.

WTFast is a $5 a month program that you run with WoW, and it seriously helps with my lag.

I don't think I'd be able to raid 25m without these two, if you can't/ don't want to spend money on WTFast, I still higly recommend getting the leatrix latency fix.

Now, when you're in game and raiding, here are some tips that will help you raid with lag:

Recount takes up a ton of memory if you have data from a couple fights, I always reset it before each boss pull.

fire = bad for your health and latency, even though you shouldn't be standing in it anyways, it's just a little more motivation to get out of there.

* Try to have be as far away from the action as possible.
The more stuff going on the more lag you'll have, the farther away you are, the less lag you'll usually have. But keep in mind that your whole raid probably won't be to happy if you get boned on marrowgar and your in the corner on the far side of the room, or you don't get your stacks on fester because you don't want to lag. Be sure to use common sense, and remember that lag is not as bad as messing up raid mechanics.

*Double click your buttons.
When things come off of CD I always double click them to make sure that the shot gets off. For me this is really important, because if I have really bad lag, sometimes it will just skip my clicks, so double clicking ensures that my shot get off. There isn't really a down side to doing this, you can easily incorporate it into your rotation with out losing momentum.

When all else fails, just blame the gnome^.^

Thats all for today
Dont forget to check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew)
Till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Raiding Pets

Hey guys!

today's post will be on what pet you should bring to a raid.

Now, if you want to be doing the most dps you can, regardless of what spec you are, you want a wolf. The wolf's ability of furious howl is a lot better then the rest of the pets, but there is an alternative to using a wolf.

A wasp gives a minor armor de-buff to the boss, this de-buff (farie fire)is normally applied by a feral druid( though any druid can apply it, you won't commonly see a boomkin or tree to change forms mid fight to apply it) . So running with a wasp instead of a wolf will lower your own dps, but it will increase the raid's dps, which will be more then you could pull by having a wolf.

So the best pet:

1st wolf (If there is a minor armor de-buff in the raid)
2nd wasp (If there isn't a minor armor debuff in the raid then this should be your first choice)
3rd........use a wolf or wasp.....or I'll send gnomes after you ;D

NOTE: using a wasp has no benefit if your raid already has someone applying the minor armor de-buff. I recommend simply asking your raid if there is someone that can apply it before busting out the wasp(keep in mind other hunters that may also have a wasp).

Thats all for today, don't forget to check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew), and you can always email me for character aduit( next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Rant: Tier Set Bonuses

Hey guys!

so today's post will be on the hunters that think it's a good idea to take high ilvl non- tier V.S. lower lvl tier gear.
In almost every case you all hunters want to have 2 tier set bonuses, either two 2-set bonuses or a 2 set bonus and a 4 set bonus.

now of course if you have the option between some low ilvl tier gear(232 or under) and non-tier 264+ then yea you'll probably want the 264+ see a dps increase, but for you to have those options would be pretty rare.

But the main reason I'm writing this post is because, I see a lot of hunters that have 25m ICC 264s(which means they could probably have 251 T10 if they wanted). They're mostly just too caught up with trying to get a higher gear score.

My current tier gear is 2-piece T10(251 head and 264 shoulders) and 2 piece T9(232 legs and 245 hands). This (for my gear anyways, using the spreadsheets) is better then taking 4 pice T10, yes replacing a 245 and 232 would be a nice gear score upgrade, but My gear score is high enough that when I pug VOA and the weekly, people do hesitate to invite me, also I wouldn't care if my gear score is so low that people didn't think I could pull off the numbers I tell them I can. So long as I'm doing the most dps I can, I'm content.

thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Gems/Enchants: BiS V.S. Trash

Hey guys, todays post is about BiS gems and enchants V.S. crappy enchants, and how much of a difference it makes.This post will mainly meant for newer hunters.

Now, I went to the spread sheet, replaced all my epic gems with their rare equivalent(except for dragons eyes since I'm a JC, and dragons eyes are cheap) and all my BiS enchants with one step down enchants(except for my ring enchants, which again are dirt cheap).

So, without BiS gems and enchants, I lost 173 dps unbuffed. Now thats actually quite a bit of DPS.
I also looked into what the cost difference is between BiS and trash gems/enchants, and on my server, since rare gems tend to be more expensive then most servers, the cost between have BiS and trash was about 650g.

Now, seeing as I don't know how much gold you have, I don't know if you think that 650G is a lot or not, but lets say that it is.

The easiest way to be able to get BiS gems/chants would be to grind heroics, hopefully you can find a tank in your guild, or maybe some guildies are grinding heroics to get their alts geared, either way, for every 4 heroics you do, you will have enough emblems to get a cardinal ruby(unless you get PoS 4 times in a row XD). Plus if you have an enchanter in your grinding group you should have a nice stash of enchanting mats after a while(don't forget that you also get 13g per random,so that will also help with costs).

So, know you know how much of a difference it makes, and an easy way to get BiS gems/chants, I'd like to share my opinion on what lvl of gear should have BiS gems/chants.

If you're just gearing up(eg. if you can still get upgrades from emblems of triumph) then don't really worry about it, untill your done getting gear upgrades(I would just toss greenie gems in my gear for a little while). Once you're at the point where you can't get upgrades from emblems of triumph, then it would be a good time to get BiS gems/chants, because really it's not hard to get enough gold to get the BiS stuff, and people that see you with junk gems and enchants will probably not take you seriouly.

My rule of thumb:

Put BiS gems/chants on gear thats:

* ilvl 232+
* ilvl 219+ gear that you won't be able to upgrade for a while.

Trash gem/chant gear thats:

*Under ilvl 219
*will be upraded within a day or so.

In my opinion, anyone without BiS gems/chants shouldn't be in ICC, only because ICC is progression for most people, and by not bringing your A game, your only wasting time.

thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask


Due to the lackage of people not logging on when they said they would. As well as being unable to get a tank, we were unable to go into ICC last night as planed.
So professor putricide was not downed, and no blood princes were pulled on. :'(

So seeing as I have no footage to show you as I had planed, I'll be sharing my EPIC FAIL that happened this weekend.

Now I wanted to re-stock up on gems I need for transmutes and make a bit of easy gold while I did it. So I went to the AH and bought about 100 stacks of saronite ore, cleared out all the things I wouldn't be needing while prospecting and put them in my bank. After a long binge of prospecting I was done, sent the gems off to my bank alt, and grabbed my stuff out of my bank.
To my luck, my 2v2 partner came online just as I'd finish prospecting, so we grouped and poped in que.

when we zoned in, we got buffed and did the usual pre arena prep. About 3 seconds before the match started.....I remembered that I forgot to grab my arrows out of my bank.
Upon telling my mage 2v2 partner that her partner had no ammo, well.....I heard huntard and stupid, but I wasn't really listening because I was trying to think how the crap I was going to pull this off. Luckily the other team decided to let us come to them, so I had some time to sit and think. After about 20 seconds the other team came over to say hi, and I decided to just rush them, I poped traps and any thing else that might distract them to give my partner a couple of seconds to try and burst them. Regardless I was killed extremely fast(I know that I'm one of the worst pvp hunters out there...XD ), and really didn't do much of anything.

But the most humiliating part of this story is that my partner won the match without me doing anything but distracting them for 5 seconds XD.

Thats all for now, till next time:

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Nearing The Crimson Halls

So, our guild's second 10m group is currently working on putricide, and we're really close to downing him.
We got 3 pulls in on him last night, with two people that hadn't seen the fight yet, and most of everyone else rusty on the fight. on all 3 pulls we got into the 3rd phase, but we just need to clean up the transition from the 2nd to the 3rd. I have a very good feeling that we'll be moving on to the Crimson Halls yet this week, and since we don't have a warlock in our group, I'll hopefully get to be tanking the 3rd blood prince!!

I don't know why, but every since I saw the video for the fight, I wanted to tank the 3rd boss. XD
So, hopefully I'll remember to start my fraps, and get the fight on video.
I'll be sure to post it so you guys can see it!

thats all for now,till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

MORE DOTS!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to post something, in general about DPS in a raid, and what my opinion on it is.
I think that there is no point, no matter how much dps you're doing(or how little other people are doing) that you can say "I'm doing enough DPS". Lets take professor putrcide for example:

If everyone is doing the bare minimum needed to down him, then great you'll get him down eventually. But if you're doing way more DPS then needed, you're shortening the fight Meaning that less slimes will comes out, and you'll have less time that you can make mistakes, and if you do make mistakes, then you will have room to get back up and start pew pewing. Plus the faster you down a boss, the more time you'll have for other bosses(moar epic lootz plz).

This is the reason I'm constantly trying to improve my DPS. At no point in time are you going to here me say "I'm doing enough DPS".

thats all for today guys, don't forget that you can still email me for a character audit, and you can also check me out on twitter .
Also don't forget to comment ;D

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask

Enchant Guide

Hey guys!! This post will be on enchants, just kind of felt like I may as well put one out on enchants since I my post yesterday was on gems.

So!!First off, enchants are much simpler then gems, you have fewer options, and no socket bonuses to worry about. Now I'm not going to give you a list of enchants, just because Wow-Heroes gives you a list of the best enchants out there, so just check out Wow-heroes.

As MM and SURV you want the top agil enchants the wow heroes lists, but as BM you want the top AP enchants.

Now, the enchants that you can't just buy, are your helm enchant and your shoulder enchant, these both require rep farming. Honestly, I just tossed on a ebon blade tabard for the helm enchant, and once I did the quest chain with sons of Hodir, I just bought relics of ulduar to finish that up for the shoulder enchant. Both these enchants are dirt easy to obtain.

Just like gems we have to option to enchant hit rating, again as I've said previously I tend to take 3 talents in focused aim before gemming/enchants hit. But if I'm still low on hit, and I only need a little bit of hit rating, I'll take the icewalker( +12 crit and hit ) if it's more then 12 then I'll just gem a +20 hit gem, but after 3 talents in focused aim, you'd have to pretty much be trying not to have any gear with hit rating on it to need that much hit.

Lastly, I'd like to address the boot enchants that give a minor run speed increase, such as tuskarr's vitality.
As a hunter, I would not recommend minor run speed enchants, except for fights that there is a ton of movement( I often enchant and re-enchant my boots in a raid if we're working on a progression boss that I have to move a lot in.) but the difference to having it and not is really not much.
If you do decide to go for the minor run speed increase, I recommend trying to get your hands on cat's swiftness ( +6 agil, plus minor speed ) better then tuskarr's, but cat's swiftness is really rare(at least on my server ) so tuskarr's is probably still your best bet.

thats all for today folk, till next time

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Hunter Gem Guide

Hey guys, I'm going to post a bit of a gem guide, just because I've been getting a lot of questions about gems both on from the site, and in game.

So! First off I want to say, that if your not hit capped, you need to be hit capped. Being hit capped is one of the most important things to your hunter, so if your not hit capped, make sure you are, if you need to take a few hit gems, then that is more then ok ( I personally will take 3 talents in focused aim before I gem hit just because, its usually more efficient ).

Now, the only gems you want as a marks or surv hunter are:

* relentless earthsiege diamond ( + 21 agil and 3% increased critical damage)
* delicate cardinal ruby(+ 20 agil )
* deadly ametrine (+ 10 agil and crit)
* nightmare tear ( + 10 to all stats )

* note: if your ARP marks and you are at the point where gemming ARP will give you more DPS, the you want all fractured cardinal rubies( +20 ARP) , except for a nightmare tear to keep your meta active.*

As a BM hunter you want

* relentless earthsiege diamond ( + 21 agil and 3% increased critical damage)
* bright cardinal ruby ( +40 AP )
* wicked ametrine (+20 AP and 10 crit )
* nightmare tear ( + 10 to all stats )

*Important notes*

*Only use ametrines when the socket bonus is worth it( use spreadsheets to get a solid answer, but a good rule of thumb is if you have a red and yellow socket, and the bonus is +4 agil or more, take the bonus).

* Don't use any blue, purple or green gems, their just not worth it compared to what you could be using. (there may be some retarded piece of gear that you may actually want to take the socket bonus that you need a blue gem for, but good luck finding it if there is one. XD )

* Don't gem haste, no matter what kind of gear you have, or what your reasoning is, haste is still the worst stat for hunters(except for hit after your hit capped) and seriously....every time you put a gem with haste into your gear, blizz tosses a basket of kittens into a lake, do you want to be a kitten killer?!?! xD

Thats all for today folks, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.


So its

Anyways here is the post that I wanted to write on Friday.

(Heres another link to the hunter preview )

So seeing as we're the only class that is getting a new kind of resource, I'd say that we're probably the class that will be changing the most. Now with change there is always controversy, some people love the change, because it's giving us something fresh and new, some people are skeptical of the change and want to know more bout them before they decide if they like it or not, and some people just hate the word change(these people should probably to back to the playground and hog the one good swing some more ;D ).

the fact of the matter is, is that the hunter class is changing, and I myself am really anxious to see the changes first hand, because I want to know how and what will be affected by the changes.

Now I won't go into the details every little change in the preview, because the other blogs like , and have already done that, and have done a much better job then I could have done.

but I would briefly like to go over what spec I think will be the "top" spec for the first little bit of rading in CATA will be. I have a feeling, that unless BM is totally nerf'd when we start raiding in CATA, that BM will be on top, and even if it's not the "best", most people will probably be doing more DPS in it , because when your BM your nerfing the hunter, and buffing the pet so that you have this lil uber melee DOT.
So I think that because BM is so simple to play( unless they decide to make it more complex) that until the theory-crafters have time to figure everything out, the general hunter population will be better off raiding in BM, as we stumble around in the dark as we enter into CATA.

AS we get closer to CATA. , and more information is released I may think differently, but as is I'm think that if the changes stay the same, BM will be on top at least for a few weeks.

thats all for today, I'm hoping to pop out another video sometime this week, so stay tuned.

till next time,

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

Hunter Cata preview

The hunter preview is out!!!! You can check it out here:

Hunter Preview

This won't be as long of a post as I had hoped, mainly because I have a raid in less then an hour, and then I'm gone for tomorrow.

but my initial thoughts are, that their not dinking with things as much as I thought they would be, and that focus kinda looks like it will be a lot of fun.

That being said, I think that the first little bit of raiding we do in Cata will be in BM, and I will let you know why I think that in my next post :D.

Let me know what you think of the changes in the comments. :D

till next time,

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

Hunter preview today!!!

Hey guys, this is just a quicky, until the hunter preview post comes out, then I'll be re-posting with some of my thoughts on it.

Also, Frostheim's hunter alt raid is tonight. Unfortunately since it starts right when my guild's raid time is, I won't be able to make it, though I do highly recommend going, if you can make it.

Thats all for now

till Blizz posts the hunter preview,

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.


Hey guys, I made a video to show my U.I. , and to see how well making a video for that kind of stuff works. I may be making a series of videos on rotations, in the near future.

please let me know what you think :D

till next time

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

MM and arm pen

* Up to date as of 3.3.3.*

Hey guys, this post will be about the Marksmanship spec and how it works with armor pen.

As an armor pen (ARP from now on) marks hunter, their are a few things that change, for example, once you hit a certain point of ARP you want to take arcane shot out of your rotation(you should still use it if you are moving, and you don't have any other instant cast shot off of CD).
The reason for taking out arcane shot, is because ARP only affects physical shots, and arcane shot, well....does arcane damage.

Here are a couple thing you need to be aware of:

-You need to be aware of the hard caps, with and without a proc trinket.

-You need to be more aware of your auto shots, which will be doing more damage then if you weren't using ARP. Making sure you time your auto shots so that you aren't missing any is a must.

The ARP hard cap(where ARP no longer helps you) is 1400, if you have an ARP proc trinket such as the needle-encrusted scorpion, subtract the ARP you get from the proc and that is what you call the ARP soft cap(soft cap meaning, that if you have any more then the soft cap, that ARP is wasted when your trinket procs).

Here are the proc trinket's and their soft caps

-Needle-Encrusted: Scorpion 722 ARP to the soft cap

-Mjolnir Runestone: 735 ARP to the soft cap

-Grim Toll: 788 ARP to the soft cap

*these numbers below are very general, and won't be the same for everyone, it depends on the gear you have.*

-350-400 ARP take arcane shot out of your rotation, as well as talents in improved arcane shot(you can put them into improved steady shot).

-850ish you can start gemming ARP and you should be able to see a DPS increase.

As I said, these numbers very from hunter to hunter, use Zeherah's Spread Sheet to figure out what the exact magic number is for you.

The most common problems I see hunters have with ARP is that they either gem ARP way too early and lose DPS or they just aren't spec'd right.

Check out these links to other ARP guides for more info:

Euripides' guide

Frostheim's guide

I hope this post helped you, let me know in the comments what you think :D.

till next time.

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.


Hey guys! this will be a quicky on some of the add-ons I use for raiding.
But before I tell you my add-ons, its important that we know how much add-ons help us, I know that I can honestly say that I rely on my add-ons a little too much, but I'm always trying to cut back on the ones that tend to make me lazy and don't really help much.

anyways, here are a main ones I use:

-Deadly Boss Mods (If you raid, you should absolutely have this.)

-Death Clock (gives an E.T.A. on when the target will be killed.)

-Omen Threat Meter (threat meter, if you don't use a threat meter then go to curse and get this...threat meters for hunters are extremely important.)

-Power Aruas Classic (lets me know when things proc and are off CD, very useful.)

-Razer Naga(Only for if you use a Razer Naga mouse. I also found it better then using bartender, but thats just me.)

-Recount (just remember to know let it distract you too much.)

-X Bar ( I only use the trap and aspect bar of it.)

*edit: Perfect example here of how I myself am still learning this class, as Euripides said in the comments, so long as you are using one form of hunter tracking you get the benefits of all the other tracking(so if you're tracking beasts, you'll still get the bonus if you're killing undead).*

-Zug Zug Huntar (An awesome add-on the changes your tracking to what ever your target is, I would say that this is also a pretty important one, because most people probably do forget to change their tracking from time to time.)*edit* add-on is pretty much useless,unless you find yourself tracking things like mailboxes and trainers often.*

Anyways, if you don't already use some of these add-ons, I highly recommend at least checking them out.

Also if you have any add-ons you use that you think are awesome(related to raiding) that I didn't include here, please post them in the comments.

That is all for today folks.

Till next time, I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

MD Macros

Hey guys!!

This will be a short post on Misdirection Macros. Now I personally don't really use macros for raiding, but MD macros are pretty much a must have.

I use two kinds of MD macros, the first one, and the main ones use is: /cast [target=tanks name here]Misdirection . I always have one of these set up for every tank in my raid. The second macro I use is a more general use macro that uses a focused target, this one is useful for when your doing your random daily, when you need to MD something to your pet or any other time you don't feel like editing a macro just for whatever your doing, here is the macro: /cast [target=focus]Misdirection .

So if your not using any kind of MD macro or add-on, I seriously recommend setting them up.

again here are the macros:

/cast [target=tanks name here]Misdirection

/cast [target=focus]Misdirection

Hope you find them useful!

till next time,

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask


Hey guys!

So it's the long weekend (finally xD ), and seeing as I'll be AFK all weekend, there won't be a Friday post, So this post is just kind of an update.

When I started this blog, I wasn't too sure how often I wanted to post. But with the advice from a few of the big name hunter bloggers, I've decided that my goal is to post every weekday and maybe once on the weekends, if I get around to it.

Also I'm going to start doing basic character audits( making sure your hit capped,not missing anything crazy go nuts and basic stuff like that ), so if you would like me to look up your hunter and give you advice, send me an email ( ) here is a list of thing to include in your email:

1. Toon's name and your pets name(and digit codes, for special digits like ò ).

2. Sever and region ( US, EU, CN...).

3. Spec(your main raiding spec).

4. What you would like me to check for you.

5. What your end goal is for your hunter.

*If you would like me to do more "advanced" stuff(like when exactly should I gem armor pen or what spec should I be using for my gear lvl) then I'll need as much information on your raiding access and end goal as you can.*

Also if you find yourself bored this weekend, checkout Frostheim's new hunter alt guild on the Icecrown sever( US ). I myself have an alt in there that I'll be working on when I get the time, so pop in say hello, (awesome hunter community in that guild) and feel free to pop me a tell if you see me on. Here is a link with more details : Frostheim's hunter guild post

Thats all for this week.

till next time, I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Min-Maxing 101

Hey guys, today's post will be about min-maxing.

So, what is this magical "min-maxing"? Min-maxing to me, is when I'm doing everything I can to get the most DPS out of my hunter. Here are some examples of min-maxing:

1.Taking socket bonuses only when it gives you more DPS.

2.Making sure your talents(and your pet's) are always used in the most effective way.

3.Using the correct gems and enchants.

4. Using a correct rotation.

5. Taking gear that gives you the most DPS instead of the highest gear score.

6.Not being BM....hehe....I mean...oops, how'd that get in there? :P JK

One of the biggest things I see people doing wrong and then wondering "where'd all my deesp go?" is taking high GS items over tier pieces, which in my book is a big no no.

A great example of this, is that one of the hunters with the highest gear score(GS from now on) on my server, who has about 200 wow heroes GS more then me, (pretty big gap there) only does 14 more DPS on the spreadsheets then me. This is because He has no tier pieces on, and chooses poorly itemized gear for their GS, instead of the pieces that will give him the most DPS.

Another one of the bigger mistakes, is talents. A lot of people just don't want to change their talents because they don't want to mess them up. But seeing as there are tons of great guides out there on talent trees and the fact that even if you do mess up your talents, you can always spend a few gold and start all over again, there really is no reason not to change your talents. Then there are the hunters that like to make up their own talents, and while some may do a pretty good job on their own, chances are they missed something or made a mistake or two.

Anyways, this was just a quicky post, as I'm getting ready for a busy weekend. I hope to be doing a series of posts on min-maxing, but each one will be more in depth on a certain aspect of it.

thats all for today.

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.


Hey guys! Today will be a quick post on all the haste I see hunters gemming/enchanting.

Lets right off the bat say that you never want haste, the only stat worse then haste, is hit rating when you're hit capped(which a lil extra hit is never really a bad thing).

The reason people are wanting haste is because of the 2 piece T10 bonus ( your auto shots have a 5% chance to cause you and your pet to do an additional 15% damage for 10 seconds )
Now this is pretty nice, and if you gem haste then it will probably proc faster and more often, but you always have to ask yourself, "is it really better then gemming or enchanting agil?"

Well I did a quick spread sheet test, most of the hunters that do use haste only replace 10 agil+10 crit with 10 agil + 10 haste gems, which really may not be that much....or is it?

On the spread sheet for my own toon, I put in an extra 10 crit, and then took it out and compared it to 10 haste, and found that for every 10 crit you replace with 10 haste you lose about 5 unbuffed dps. Now 5 dps might not seem like a lot, but thats per every 10 haste you replace, and if you went as far as replace agil with haste you'll lose even more.

So long story it is right now, you do not want haste, and should also try to get gear that doesn't have haste on it......and haste for the 2 piece T10 bonus IS NOT worth it.

thats all for today.

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

When Horrible Trinkets Attack!

hey guys!!Now I had been planing on posting about min-maxing today, but I wanted to try and break the curse of the one of the trinkets that I hate, The Mark of supremacy (If your not familiar with this trinket then click on the link, it'll take you to wow head item page).

Now if your wondering why I don't like this trinket, it's because the Banner of victory is better if you're not using all that trinket's hit raiting. So lets talk about trinket vs trinket assuming we're hit capped(without using any of the trinket's hit), on the spread sheet the banner of victory(for me) was 84 dps (unbuffed) more then the mark of supremacy(84 unbuffed dps on the spreadsheet is actually quite a bit).

So if a 200 ilvl trinket is better then the 245 then why do we still see people using it??
well either because people don't know, they want the mark of supremacy for the ilvl or both.

But what if someone needs hit rating?? Well I would honestly say that you should never use mark of supremacy unless you need all the hit, and you should never need all that hit, even a new lvl 80 hunter who is emblem farming for his first set of epic gear shouldn't need that kind of hit.

In order for you to use all of the hit on the mark of supremacy you would only have to have 135 hit rating Now for you to only have 135 hit rating on your gear, means that you would almost have to be choosing gear without hit on it, arm pen builds may be near this area but I honestly don't think that you would be min-maxing if you had that little hit.

a much better option if you were in the situation however, would be to take 3 talents in focused aim and gem a couple +20 hit gems

In short the Mark of supremacy is pretty much the bastard child of Blizz. It looks pretty nice, but may leave you with an itch.

till next time,

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

This Weeks Top Posts

It's the weekend! While I hope to use this weekend to set up the blog better, and to get a head start on next weeks posts, I didn't want to leave the blog bare. So I'm going to link a few posts from other hunter sites, just as a kind of recap of the weeks really good posts that I think you should check out(the post from isn't from this week, but it's fairly recent and I really wanted to put in in here because I really enjoyed it). Since I hope to be posting on the weekdays and take the weekends off I will probably be doing this regularly on the weekends.

First off I'd like to thank Euripides at Out for putting a link on His site to The Hunter Pew Pew.Also Euripides made a post about the end game Marksmanship hunter is defiantly worth checking out very good post.

Darkbrew's post about gemming armor pen,and waiting and keeping lower-end pieces of gear, instead going for gear with higher items lvl, it is a must read for all hunters. I know I'll be sending it to a few friends of mine XD

Last but not least, frostheim's guide on the factors that affect your dps, such as your raid competence, skill and gear. It's a great read for all hunters and especially newer hunters.

So, here are the links:

Euripides' post on the End game marksmanship hunter.

Darkbrew's post on gear/gemming selection, Swimming in the deep end.

Frostheim's guide on raiding factors, Everything else being equal.

So check those great posts out, and thats it for the week.

till next time, I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

Battle of the specs

*EDIT: I'll be updating the data on this post whenever any big changes happen.*

Hello hello.Welcome to my second post, in this post I will talk about the current status of hunter specs.So here are the specs in order of highest dps to lowest according to data I found at

*this data is from 25m festergut, the reason for using festergut is because it is the best dps gauging fight in ICC*

1. Marksman at 13,384
2. Survival at 11,835
3. Beast Mastery at 10,896

Now one important thing that we do have to remember here, is that these numbers are the highest recorded dps of that spec, and that the people behind the numbers are some of the best of the best, and that just because we know that Marks has that highest potential dps, it doesn't mean that it's the highest dps for all hunters.

Now for an example: lets say that Billy is a newer hunter.Billy knows a fair bit about hunters, has been 80 for a while and raids as Survival. But now billy, who has joined a casual raiding guild and wants to start min-maxing, so billy decides to go Marks, but billy sees a dps decrease when he does so, why?

While billy is a good survival hunter He hasn't had the time and experience in Marks as Hes had with survival, I have seen this in person many times, just because the potential dps is higher in spec one does not mean you will do more by raiding in that spec.
So in case you're wondering, this Billy guy describes me pretty well. when I started raiding ICC on a regular basis I was Surv, but wanting to pursue the armor pen hard cap i decided to go Marks. When I made the switch I was doing less dps in Marks, and just like lil "billy" it was because I didn't have the experience.

Long story short, if you want to be doing the most dps you can be doing you need to be raiding in the spec that you can do the most dps in.

Just note not to take what I have said to the extreme and think that because you can do more in lets say, BM then in Marks that you should never touch Marks again.

In my opinion I think that almost everyone should be able to do more dps in Marks if they take the time to properly learn how to play the spec.

Thats all for now, till next time.....
I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Hello World

Hey guys and girls!Welcome to my blog.I hope to make this blog somewhere where I can share what I know about the hunter class,as well as my ramblings and things that happen to me in game.

So, let me tell you a lil' about myself,my named is Wowsa,I play as a hunter on the US server Azuremyst,and I am in the guild Defiant. I have been playing WoW since way way WAY back, just a few months before TOC came out.....yep my first game card was activated mid June of 2009,which also makes me kind of a noob in my opinion ^.^ .I treat my hunter as more of a hobby then anything else,I enjoy trying to min-max it (within reason)to always try to be the best hunter I can be.

When I hit 80 in September of 2009 I didn't know my ass from a hole in the ground and I think it was quite obvious to other players XD.just before ICC came out I stumbled across it was there that I spent countless hours reading and re-reading through Frostheim's guides. It was there I also found links to , and

So, that is all for now, I hope you come and check in regularly to see what I'm up to,I hope to be posting a few times a week.

till next time.....I'm Wowsa, and remember to pop your flask.

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