Hunter Gem Guide

Hey guys, I'm going to post a bit of a gem guide, just because I've been getting a lot of questions about gems both on from the site, and in game.

So! First off I want to say, that if your not hit capped, you need to be hit capped. Being hit capped is one of the most important things to your hunter, so if your not hit capped, make sure you are, if you need to take a few hit gems, then that is more then ok ( I personally will take 3 talents in focused aim before I gem hit just because, its usually more efficient ).

Now, the only gems you want as a marks or surv hunter are:

* relentless earthsiege diamond ( + 21 agil and 3% increased critical damage)
* delicate cardinal ruby(+ 20 agil )
* deadly ametrine (+ 10 agil and crit)
* nightmare tear ( + 10 to all stats )

* note: if your ARP marks and you are at the point where gemming ARP will give you more DPS, the you want all fractured cardinal rubies( +20 ARP) , except for a nightmare tear to keep your meta active.*

As a BM hunter you want

* relentless earthsiege diamond ( + 21 agil and 3% increased critical damage)
* bright cardinal ruby ( +40 AP )
* wicked ametrine (+20 AP and 10 crit )
* nightmare tear ( + 10 to all stats )

*Important notes*

*Only use ametrines when the socket bonus is worth it( use spreadsheets to get a solid answer, but a good rule of thumb is if you have a red and yellow socket, and the bonus is +4 agil or more, take the bonus).

* Don't use any blue, purple or green gems, their just not worth it compared to what you could be using. (there may be some retarded piece of gear that you may actually want to take the socket bonus that you need a blue gem for, but good luck finding it if there is one. XD )

* Don't gem haste, no matter what kind of gear you have, or what your reasoning is, haste is still the worst stat for hunters(except for hit after your hit capped) and seriously....every time you put a gem with haste into your gear, blizz tosses a basket of kittens into a lake, do you want to be a kitten killer?!?! xD

Thats all for today folks, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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