Using PVP To Help Your PVE

So, lately I've been doing a lot of PVP, mainly BGs but I do also do 2V2 with a mage. One thing that I found when I was raiding last night(on LK 10m,very cool fight, made good progress throughout the night) was how much me doing PVP is helping my PVE.
In PVP you have to be situationally aware or your not going to last very long, you also get a ton of practice thinking on your feet and trying to figure out the best way to deal with a tight situation is.

here are a few tips I recommend if you really want to get your PVP to help your PVE:

* Try to focus on BGs, arena is still helpful, but BGs have a lot more players and you'll find yourself getting into harder situations, like massive battles for flags and what not.

*PVP in the same spec as you PVE in. not to say you should use the exact same spec, but if you raid marks, PVP in marks(I raid in the normal 7/57/7 marks build, but I PVP in a marks build with scatter shot talents). That way you'll get use to getting yourself out of messes and can easier translate that into PVE.

*Find yourself a partner. I'd recommend finding one other person to do BGs with(I do BGs with a real life friend whos a tree), try to make it a healer. the biggest problem you'll have in PVP is being squishy, very few people will hesitate to try and take down a single hunter, if your out on your own. Me and my tree friend have done some insane stuff in PVP, with a solid healer you can take on groups of people that you might normally just be stepped on by.

*Get PVP gear, just because you may only be doing PVP for PVE doesn't mean you have to be one of those people that get cut in half like butter. But keep in mind that if your in ICC 25m gear and you old dusty PVP gear is deadly(like mine was XD) then you will probably want to wait until you can get you hands on some higher ilvl PVP gear.

Long story short, try some PVP if you don't normally do any, it will help your PVE.

Thats all for now, if you have any questions about this post, please post them in the comments.
Also if you have any unrelated questions feel free to email me( you can also check me out on twitter (wowsapewpew)

till next time...I'm Wowsa and happy PVPing

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