Hunter Enchants Guide

Hey guys!

So, seeing as I really didn't like my old post on enchants, I made a new one!

These are the enchants that you want on your gear:

Arcanum of Torment

Greater Inscription of the Axe

Powerful Stats

Eternal Belt Buckle

Icescale Leg Armor

Superior Agility
Tuskarr's Vitality (Cat's swiftness if you can find it)

Greater Assault

Major Agility

Major Agility

2 Handed Weapon

1 Handed Weapon
Superior Potency

Ranged Weapon
Heartseeker Scope

Keep in mind, that you want to use whatever special enchants you get from your profession, if they're better(scribe's shoulder enchant, leatherworker's bracer enchant).
Now, about the boot only want Icewalker if you're under the hit cap, and you only need a little bit of hit rating. Then there is Tuskarr's Vitality and Superior Agility, I switch out boot enchants during raid depending on the fight. For fights like Festergut, where there isn't a lot of movement I use Superior Agility, but for fights like Saurfang or Rotface, where there is a lot of movement I use Tuskarr's Vitality. However I only swap out the enchants, if I don't need Icewalker.
The boot enchants really don't make too big of a difference depending on which one you use, so if you just don't want to change your enchants in raid, and want a solid choice, go with Superior Agility.

That is all there really is too it; at this point in the game enchants are dirt cheap, so don't cheap out for lesser enchants, unless you're still gearing up(if you have a lot of ilvl 232 or under).

Also make sure you post any questions you have in the comments, you can also send me questions by email( I hope to make a post answering the questions I've gotten in the near future.
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4 Response to "Hunter Enchants Guide"

  1. Myze says:
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Myze says:

    All the links are broken. Also, why, even as an SV hunter, would you choose Tuskarr's Vitality over Cat's Swiftness?

    Wowsa says:

    I'm working on getting the links working again. and i kinda half forgot about cat's swiftness, but also, i've never been able to find the enchant and if i could it would probably be some retarded price that i wouldn't be able to swap out the enchants. but it does differ server to server of coures, so if you can find it then defiantly get it over tuskarr's.

    Jaedia says:

    And for those who don't swap out enchants, which is honestly the majority of us, Rocket Botts (engi only) > Cat's Swiftness > Tuskarr's > the others.

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