Under Used Hunter Abilities

Here are some hunter abilities that I think are highly under used by most hunters:

Misdirect: Most hunters only pop one MD as the tank pulls, this is not right. you should be watching your threat meter, not just to make sure you don't pull, but also to help the tank if someone else is close to pulling aggro.

Feign Death: Useful for kiting,threat management and being annoying in PVP, make sure you know when to use this ability and when not to(don't use it when you're about to wipe on a boss and you have hero/lust de-buff).

Deterrence: By not getting hit by something, you saves heals for someone else...nuff said.

Masters Call
: Great in PVP and PVE though you'll probably use it the most in PVP

Distracting Shot: This one is unfortunately very under used, it's very useful for fights like saurfang, rotface, and dreamwalker, where you can kite an add so someone else doesn't get hit.

Tranq Shot: while it's not that often that we need to use tranq shot in PVE it removes HOTs in PVP, so it's still very useful.

That about sums it up, if you have any questions, please post them below, or email me.
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good luck and go down some bosses.

Using PVP To Help Your PVE

So, lately I've been doing a lot of PVP, mainly BGs but I do also do 2V2 with a mage. One thing that I found when I was raiding last night(on LK 10m,very cool fight, made good progress throughout the night) was how much me doing PVP is helping my PVE.
In PVP you have to be situationally aware or your not going to last very long, you also get a ton of practice thinking on your feet and trying to figure out the best way to deal with a tight situation is.

here are a few tips I recommend if you really want to get your PVP to help your PVE:

* Try to focus on BGs, arena is still helpful, but BGs have a lot more players and you'll find yourself getting into harder situations, like massive battles for flags and what not.

*PVP in the same spec as you PVE in. not to say you should use the exact same spec, but if you raid marks, PVP in marks(I raid in the normal 7/57/7 marks build, but I PVP in a marks build with scatter shot talents). That way you'll get use to getting yourself out of messes and can easier translate that into PVE.

*Find yourself a partner. I'd recommend finding one other person to do BGs with(I do BGs with a real life friend whos a tree), try to make it a healer. the biggest problem you'll have in PVP is being squishy, very few people will hesitate to try and take down a single hunter, if your out on your own. Me and my tree friend have done some insane stuff in PVP, with a solid healer you can take on groups of people that you might normally just be stepped on by.

*Get PVP gear, just because you may only be doing PVP for PVE doesn't mean you have to be one of those people that get cut in half like butter. But keep in mind that if your in ICC 25m gear and you old dusty PVP gear is deadly(like mine was XD) then you will probably want to wait until you can get you hands on some higher ilvl PVP gear.

Long story short, try some PVP if you don't normally do any, it will help your PVE.

Thats all for now, if you have any questions about this post, please post them in the comments.
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till next time...I'm Wowsa and happy PVPing

How To Be A Solid DPS

So, I'm one of those people that is always trying to be sure that my raid spot is justified. That means that your not using a raid spot that your guild could give to someone else and could have more DPS, or a stronger player.

so heres basically my checklist of things you can do to make sure you justify your raid spot:

1. Always be doing everything you can(don't slack off, always be willing to do what you can).

2.Don't focus on your DPS too much. Its more important to be executing fight mechanics correctly and not screwing over the raid, then doing way more DPS then anyone else , and wipe the raid.

3. Be prepared. make sure you're repaired, have ammo,have raid consumables(maybe even some extras for guildies that forgot, or didn't have time to go to the AH).

4. Do what you raid leader tells you. Follow your raid groups strategy, not your own.

5. Remember that hunters are one of the most versatile classes in the game(we can kite, help with threat and have lots of instant shots), this means that we may often find ourselves getting asked to do some raid mechanic that you may find boring. Personally I'm more then happy to do those kind of things, just because it helps the raid.

6. Don't feign death if your raid leader says to wipe the raid, you'll still have the heroism/bloodlust debuff. If you don't have the debuff it doesn't really matter, but usually it just ends the fight faster(if I hear "wipe it", I just find my self a nice slime puddle to sit in).

7. Be elite not elitest. Always be the best you can, but remember to be humble, the healers usually don't want to see you're recount.

8. Have fun. Everyone has a different way of enjoying WoW, respect that. I enjoy WoW by always trying to get better and better, if that is not your way of playing then don't play that way. Don't try to tell people otherwise, just remember that if your a chilled laid back player that only wants to do just enough dps, you shouldn't try to get in a hardcore raiding guild who's member are min-maxing to the teeth(you'll only cause drama).

Thats all for now, I know I've been slacking off a bit, but I want to keep the site a hobby and not a chore(forgive my lack of linking/html skills, their more then lacking xD).

Remember, if you have any questions please either post them in the comments or email( thehunterpewpew@gmail.com ) them to me(so far I've been keeping on top of them, so you'll probably get a response fairly quick). Also you can check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew)

till next time.....I'm Wowsa and *insert catchy catch phrase here*

Hunter Enchants Guide

Hey guys!

So, seeing as I really didn't like my old post on enchants, I made a new one!

These are the enchants that you want on your gear:

Arcanum of Torment

Greater Inscription of the Axe

Powerful Stats

Eternal Belt Buckle

Icescale Leg Armor

Superior Agility
Tuskarr's Vitality (Cat's swiftness if you can find it)

Greater Assault

Major Agility

Major Agility

2 Handed Weapon

1 Handed Weapon
Superior Potency

Ranged Weapon
Heartseeker Scope

Keep in mind, that you want to use whatever special enchants you get from your profession, if they're better(scribe's shoulder enchant, leatherworker's bracer enchant).
Now, about the boot enchants....you only want Icewalker if you're under the hit cap, and you only need a little bit of hit rating. Then there is Tuskarr's Vitality and Superior Agility, I switch out boot enchants during raid depending on the fight. For fights like Festergut, where there isn't a lot of movement I use Superior Agility, but for fights like Saurfang or Rotface, where there is a lot of movement I use Tuskarr's Vitality. However I only swap out the enchants, if I don't need Icewalker.
The boot enchants really don't make too big of a difference depending on which one you use, so if you just don't want to change your enchants in raid, and want a solid choice, go with Superior Agility.

That is all there really is too it; at this point in the game enchants are dirt cheap, so don't cheap out for lesser enchants, unless you're still gearing up(if you have a lot of ilvl 232 or under).

Also make sure you post any questions you have in the comments, you can also send me questions by email(thehunterpewpew@gmail.com) I hope to make a post answering the questions I've gotten in the near future.
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Flask V.S. Elixir

Hey guys!

This post will be about flasks, and elixirs.

Now, most people use flasks, reason being that they give a strong buff, they last through death, and their cheap. But, if you want to be min-maxing, then you'll probably want to be using two elixirs.

There are two kinds of elixirs, battle elixirs(which buffs stats that increase damage) and guardian elixirs(which buffs stats like MP5 INT. and health). The simpler to choose of the two kinds of elixirs are guardian elixirs. Your choices of guardian elixirs are: MP5, INT. and health. Now right off the bat, it's clear that you want to use
Elixir of Mighty Thoughts(+45 int.), seeing as hunters don't need extra health, and we don't use MP5.
But the battle elixir can be a little bit more tricky, we have many options, +90 AP,+45 ARP,+45agil and +30 agil with 12 crit.

For me the best choice is +45 agil, however if your close to the ARP hard cap you'd want +45 ARP.

Best thing to do, is to use the spread sheet, and find out for yourself whats best.

Now, do you want to use your elixirs or flasks?
well, using the spread sheet, my dps went up 17(unbuffed)dps when I used elixirs. 17dps isn't much, and if you die, you would have to rebuff with the elixir, but if your like me, then you're here to min-max, not worry about the costs of raiding.

*note: there is a battle elixir that gives +45 hit rating, I highly do not recommend using it. Simply because if you die in a fight, and you are battle rez'd and you forget to rebuff your elixir it would be a much larger dps loss then if you didn't have a +45 agil elixir( you could miss your killshots =O ).*

That is all for today,I hope to start a series of posts on the raiding buffs you get from professions, next week. till then, don't forget to comment below, check me out on twitter (wowsapewpew) and email me any questions you may have.

till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask/elixirs ;D

Sindragosa Down!

Hey guys, last night we went in and downed sindragosa!!! Seeing as only two people in the raid had seen the fight before, I'd say we did very well.

All thats left is LK and PP, which I'm more then sure we would have downed if we had time. But I really can't wait to see the LK fight.

Sindragosa is pretty easy, just make sure you know what your doing(I am not a good example of that XD).

Quick tip for hunters on Sindragosa is to just meele the ice tombs down during the first phase,your meele doesn't do much but you'll still take it down a bit while being protected.

Another thing is to disengage out when Sindragosa pulls you in, that'll almost guarantee that you won't get hit by the AOE so long as you jump-disengage and then run a couple steps.

Thats all for today, till next time......

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

Update for my progression

Hey guys!

so I just thought I'd put out a post letting you guys know where I'm at in raiding progression ATM.

This week we went in, cleared the first four, and fester and rot like, we always do. Then we worked on PP for the rest of the night(still haven't downed him, because I'm in group two, which means we have people that are under geared/new to raiding/haven't mastered their toon yet).

The next night the group went in, me and some of the other core group members were absent, and the group didn't go in till later, but they did down the blood princes.

last night we went in again, started off the night with a surprising one shot of valithria(half the raid had never pulled on the boss, and I was assigned to kiting duty, which while easy it's still important to know what your suppose to do(I didn't XD )) we then proceeded to Blood queen, which we spent about an hour on, and then we downed her.After Blood queen we started clearing trash for Sindragosa but some of the raid members had to log before we were able to pull. We did very well last night. Mainly because I think everyone was on their game(cept I wasn't too hot XD ), As well as one of the lower DPSers we normally had was absent, and since the guild's group 1 didn't run that night, one of the officers was able to come on his lock, and did almost twice as much dps as the person he replaced.

Hopefully this week we'll down PP and the farm bosses and can work on sindragosa(we won't be extending the lockout any time soon because people still need gear). I'm very happy with the progression that our raid team has made, and I'm sure we'll be knocking on mr. LK's office door soon!

So currently, I've downed everything except for LK, PP and Sindragosa on 10m, and have downed the first four, Fester and Rotface on 25m.

anyways, thats all for now, till next time....

I'm Wowwsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

Need Ideas

Hey guys!!

So, lately I've kind of been having trouble coming up for ideas for posts. So I figured, if anyone of you have any questions, or feedback, or anything you'd like to see a post about, email me(thehunterpewpew@gmail.com). I'll try answer them on the blog. :D

Don't forget you can email me for a character audit, you can also check me out on twitter: wowsapewpew .

Thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

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