Hunter Armor Pen Guide

Currently one of the most misused stats, that we hunters have is armor pen(ARP). Some hunters just go full out and gem it when they have very little ARP and end up losing DPS. While others just ignore ARP completely and keep gemming agil, even though they have enough ARP to see a DPS increase if they were to gem ARP.
One thing we have to keep in mind, is that at lower lvls of gear, 1 point of ARP is worth much less then 1 point of agil. But when you get more ARP, you reduce the targets armor by X% and 1 point of ARP becomes more and more dps.

So here is a guide/ some tips for ARP as Marks:

*With less then 400 passive ARP(ARP that you've gotten just from your gear) you want to pretty ignore changing anything for ARP.

*At 400-450 you should have about enough ARP, that your steady shot will be more DPS then arcane. At this point you want to remove talents from improved arcane shot and put them in inproved steady shot, and then remove arcane shot from your rotation(be sure to use it while moving and you have no other instant shots to fire. *also note,at this point you also want to be timing your auto shots with your movement, because they'll be doing a lot more dps.*

*At 750ish passive ARP, 1 point for ARP will be slightly more dps then 1 point of agility. At this point you'll want to trade your +20 agil gems in for +20 ARP gems. Also you should start using Hearty Rhino and Elixir of Armor Piercing .*do not replace your +10 agil/+10 crit gems that you have for socket bonuses at this point, the socket bonus will still probably be more dps then the +20 ARP gem.*

*At 850ish you should be able to replace all gems(not hit gems of course) with +20 ARP gems. At this point the one thing you really have to make sure to watch, is that you're not going over the ARP cap of 1400(you only want 1315 ARP if you're using Hearty Rhino and Elixir of Armor Piercing .

**Edit*** I forgot to mention, like I normally do, that you should use the spreadsheets to get a definite answer to when you can change stuff when you get the right ammount of ARP.

So that is pretty much the jist of ARP as Marks, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave them in the comments, or shoot me an email.

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