Hunter Dead Zone

So I was reading up on CATA changes and what not, and I couldn't help but want to slap blizz, since their more then likely not going to do anything much with the hunter dead zone.
If you don't know what the phamous "hunter dead zone", it's the area between melee and ranged(5 yards I believe) where you cannot use your ranged attacks.

Now a lot of other people really want it removed from the game, because for fights like marrowgar it's like a kick in the pants. But I really doubt that blizz will take it out of the game, but what would add something interesting is if we could still use our ranged attacks in the "dead zone" but with reduced power(so if your CHIM shot does 10k at ranged then it would do, say 5k if your in the "dead zone"). But this would add another "do I press this button now or wait a couple seconds" but really, seeing as we're already not the top DPS class(right now, but haste could change everything up), it would just give us another mechanic to worry about.

Looking at the dead zone from the PVP point of view, its just horrible, and I think that if they had reduced power for our dead zones it would help us a lot with pvp. But keep in mind, that we are one of the best kiting classes in the game, we have so many abilities to help us kite and keep other players at a distance, so our dead zone in PVP really should be a big deal to us.

Now, honestly I don't really mind the whole dead zone thing, it's just there and a part of how I play my hunter now, but the only thing I actually like about it is I always get to sit at the back and do my thing, and I get to see whats going on the whole fight. But other then that it's just a pain in the class's back side. Hunters are already the odd bastard child of blizz, because we have so many factors that we don't share with other classes, and while I like that we're different from other classes, this isn't a difference I like.

But ya thats my take on the hunter dead zone, let me know what you guys think in the comments.

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