Min-Maxing 101

Hey guys, today's post will be about min-maxing.

So, what is this magical "min-maxing"? Min-maxing to me, is when I'm doing everything I can to get the most DPS out of my hunter. Here are some examples of min-maxing:

1.Taking socket bonuses only when it gives you more DPS.

2.Making sure your talents(and your pet's) are always used in the most effective way.

3.Using the correct gems and enchants.

4. Using a correct rotation.

5. Taking gear that gives you the most DPS instead of the highest gear score.

6.Not being BM....hehe....I mean...oops, how'd that get in there? :P JK

One of the biggest things I see people doing wrong and then wondering "where'd all my deesp go?" is taking high GS items over tier pieces, which in my book is a big no no.

A great example of this, is that one of the hunters with the highest gear score(GS from now on) on my server, who has about 200 wow heroes GS more then me, (pretty big gap there) only does 14 more DPS on the spreadsheets then me. This is because He has no tier pieces on, and chooses poorly itemized gear for their GS, instead of the pieces that will give him the most DPS.

Another one of the bigger mistakes, is talents. A lot of people just don't want to change their talents because they don't want to mess them up. But seeing as there are tons of great guides out there on talent trees and the fact that even if you do mess up your talents, you can always spend a few gold and start all over again, there really is no reason not to change your talents. Then there are the hunters that like to make up their own talents, and while some may do a pretty good job on their own, chances are they missed something or made a mistake or two.

Anyways, this was just a quicky post, as I'm getting ready for a busy weekend. I hope to be doing a series of posts on min-maxing, but each one will be more in depth on a certain aspect of it.

thats all for today.

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask.

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