When Horrible Trinkets Attack!

hey guys!!Now I had been planing on posting about min-maxing today, but I wanted to try and break the curse of the one of the trinkets that I hate, The Mark of supremacy (If your not familiar with this trinket then click on the link, it'll take you to wow head item page).

Now if your wondering why I don't like this trinket, it's because the Banner of victory is better if you're not using all that trinket's hit raiting. So lets talk about trinket vs trinket assuming we're hit capped(without using any of the trinket's hit), on the spread sheet the banner of victory(for me) was 84 dps (unbuffed) more then the mark of supremacy(84 unbuffed dps on the spreadsheet is actually quite a bit).

So if a 200 ilvl trinket is better then the 245 then why do we still see people using it??
well either because people don't know, they want the mark of supremacy for the ilvl or both.

But what if someone needs hit rating?? Well I would honestly say that you should never use mark of supremacy unless you need all the hit, and you should never need all that hit, even a new lvl 80 hunter who is emblem farming for his first set of epic gear shouldn't need that kind of hit.

In order for you to use all of the hit on the mark of supremacy you would only have to have 135 hit rating Now for you to only have 135 hit rating on your gear, means that you would almost have to be choosing gear without hit on it, arm pen builds may be near this area but I honestly don't think that you would be min-maxing if you had that little hit.

a much better option if you were in the situation however, would be to take 3 talents in focused aim and gem a couple +20 hit gems

In short the Mark of supremacy is pretty much the bastard child of Blizz. It looks pretty nice, but may leave you with an itch.

till next time,

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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