Under Used Hunter Abilities

Here are some hunter abilities that I think are highly under used by most hunters:

Misdirect: Most hunters only pop one MD as the tank pulls, this is not right. you should be watching your threat meter, not just to make sure you don't pull, but also to help the tank if someone else is close to pulling aggro.

Feign Death: Useful for kiting,threat management and being annoying in PVP, make sure you know when to use this ability and when not to(don't use it when you're about to wipe on a boss and you have hero/lust de-buff).

Deterrence: By not getting hit by something, you saves heals for someone else...nuff said.

Masters Call
: Great in PVP and PVE though you'll probably use it the most in PVP

Distracting Shot: This one is unfortunately very under used, it's very useful for fights like saurfang, rotface, and dreamwalker, where you can kite an add so someone else doesn't get hit.

Tranq Shot: while it's not that often that we need to use tranq shot in PVE it removes HOTs in PVP, so it's still very useful.

That about sums it up, if you have any questions, please post them below, or email me.
You can still email me a armory link if you want a character audit.

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good luck and go down some bosses.

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