Update for my progression

Hey guys!

so I just thought I'd put out a post letting you guys know where I'm at in raiding progression ATM.

This week we went in, cleared the first four, and fester and rot like, we always do. Then we worked on PP for the rest of the night(still haven't downed him, because I'm in group two, which means we have people that are under geared/new to raiding/haven't mastered their toon yet).

The next night the group went in, me and some of the other core group members were absent, and the group didn't go in till later, but they did down the blood princes.

last night we went in again, started off the night with a surprising one shot of valithria(half the raid had never pulled on the boss, and I was assigned to kiting duty, which while easy it's still important to know what your suppose to do(I didn't XD )) we then proceeded to Blood queen, which we spent about an hour on, and then we downed her.After Blood queen we started clearing trash for Sindragosa but some of the raid members had to log before we were able to pull. We did very well last night. Mainly because I think everyone was on their game(cept I wasn't too hot XD ), As well as one of the lower DPSers we normally had was absent, and since the guild's group 1 didn't run that night, one of the officers was able to come on his lock, and did almost twice as much dps as the person he replaced.

Hopefully this week we'll down PP and the farm bosses and can work on sindragosa(we won't be extending the lockout any time soon because people still need gear). I'm very happy with the progression that our raid team has made, and I'm sure we'll be knocking on mr. LK's office door soon!

So currently, I've downed everything except for LK, PP and Sindragosa on 10m, and have downed the first four, Fester and Rotface on 25m.

anyways, thats all for now, till next time....

I'm Wowwsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    not even a mention of the awesome DK power ya had in there that night XD

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