Sindragosa Down!

Hey guys, last night we went in and downed sindragosa!!! Seeing as only two people in the raid had seen the fight before, I'd say we did very well.

All thats left is LK and PP, which I'm more then sure we would have downed if we had time. But I really can't wait to see the LK fight.

Sindragosa is pretty easy, just make sure you know what your doing(I am not a good example of that XD).

Quick tip for hunters on Sindragosa is to just meele the ice tombs down during the first phase,your meele doesn't do much but you'll still take it down a bit while being protected.

Another thing is to disengage out when Sindragosa pulls you in, that'll almost guarantee that you won't get hit by the AOE so long as you jump-disengage and then run a couple steps.

Thats all for today, till next time......

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

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