Flask V.S. Elixir

Hey guys!

This post will be about flasks, and elixirs.

Now, most people use flasks, reason being that they give a strong buff, they last through death, and their cheap. But, if you want to be min-maxing, then you'll probably want to be using two elixirs.

There are two kinds of elixirs, battle elixirs(which buffs stats that increase damage) and guardian elixirs(which buffs stats like MP5 INT. and health). The simpler to choose of the two kinds of elixirs are guardian elixirs. Your choices of guardian elixirs are: MP5, INT. and health. Now right off the bat, it's clear that you want to use
Elixir of Mighty Thoughts(+45 int.), seeing as hunters don't need extra health, and we don't use MP5.
But the battle elixir can be a little bit more tricky, we have many options, +90 AP,+45 ARP,+45agil and +30 agil with 12 crit.

For me the best choice is +45 agil, however if your close to the ARP hard cap you'd want +45 ARP.

Best thing to do, is to use the spread sheet, and find out for yourself whats best.

Now, do you want to use your elixirs or flasks?
well, using the spread sheet, my dps went up 17(unbuffed)dps when I used elixirs. 17dps isn't much, and if you die, you would have to rebuff with the elixir, but if your like me, then you're here to min-max, not worry about the costs of raiding.

*note: there is a battle elixir that gives +45 hit rating, I highly do not recommend using it. Simply because if you die in a fight, and you are battle rez'd and you forget to rebuff your elixir it would be a much larger dps loss then if you didn't have a +45 agil elixir( you could miss your killshots =O ).*

That is all for today,I hope to start a series of posts on the raiding buffs you get from professions, next week. till then, don't forget to comment below, check me out on twitter (wowsapewpew) and email me any questions you may have.

till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask/elixirs ;D

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