How To Be A Solid DPS

So, I'm one of those people that is always trying to be sure that my raid spot is justified. That means that your not using a raid spot that your guild could give to someone else and could have more DPS, or a stronger player.

so heres basically my checklist of things you can do to make sure you justify your raid spot:

1. Always be doing everything you can(don't slack off, always be willing to do what you can).

2.Don't focus on your DPS too much. Its more important to be executing fight mechanics correctly and not screwing over the raid, then doing way more DPS then anyone else , and wipe the raid.

3. Be prepared. make sure you're repaired, have ammo,have raid consumables(maybe even some extras for guildies that forgot, or didn't have time to go to the AH).

4. Do what you raid leader tells you. Follow your raid groups strategy, not your own.

5. Remember that hunters are one of the most versatile classes in the game(we can kite, help with threat and have lots of instant shots), this means that we may often find ourselves getting asked to do some raid mechanic that you may find boring. Personally I'm more then happy to do those kind of things, just because it helps the raid.

6. Don't feign death if your raid leader says to wipe the raid, you'll still have the heroism/bloodlust debuff. If you don't have the debuff it doesn't really matter, but usually it just ends the fight faster(if I hear "wipe it", I just find my self a nice slime puddle to sit in).

7. Be elite not elitest. Always be the best you can, but remember to be humble, the healers usually don't want to see you're recount.

8. Have fun. Everyone has a different way of enjoying WoW, respect that. I enjoy WoW by always trying to get better and better, if that is not your way of playing then don't play that way. Don't try to tell people otherwise, just remember that if your a chilled laid back player that only wants to do just enough dps, you shouldn't try to get in a hardcore raiding guild who's member are min-maxing to the teeth(you'll only cause drama).

Thats all for now, I know I've been slacking off a bit, but I want to keep the site a hobby and not a chore(forgive my lack of linking/html skills, their more then lacking xD).

Remember, if you have any questions please either post them in the comments or email( ) them to me(so far I've been keeping on top of them, so you'll probably get a response fairly quick). Also you can check me out on twitter(wowsapewpew)

till next time.....I'm Wowsa and *insert catchy catch phrase here*

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