Hey guys! this will be a quicky on some of the add-ons I use for raiding.
But before I tell you my add-ons, its important that we know how much add-ons help us, I know that I can honestly say that I rely on my add-ons a little too much, but I'm always trying to cut back on the ones that tend to make me lazy and don't really help much.

anyways, here are a main ones I use:

-Deadly Boss Mods (If you raid, you should absolutely have this.)

-Death Clock (gives an E.T.A. on when the target will be killed.)

-Omen Threat Meter (threat meter, if you don't use a threat meter then go to curse and get this...threat meters for hunters are extremely important.)

-Power Aruas Classic (lets me know when things proc and are off CD, very useful.)

-Razer Naga(Only for if you use a Razer Naga mouse. I also found it better then using bartender, but thats just me.)

-Recount (just remember to know let it distract you too much.)

-X Bar ( I only use the trap and aspect bar of it.)

*edit: Perfect example here of how I myself am still learning this class, as Euripides said in the comments, so long as you are using one form of hunter tracking you get the benefits of all the other tracking(so if you're tracking beasts, you'll still get the bonus if you're killing undead).*

-Zug Zug Huntar (An awesome add-on the changes your tracking to what ever your target is, I would say that this is also a pretty important one, because most people probably do forget to change their tracking from time to time.)*edit* add-on is pretty much useless,unless you find yourself tracking things like mailboxes and trainers often.*

Anyways, if you don't already use some of these add-ons, I highly recommend at least checking them out.

Also if you have any add-ons you use that you think are awesome(related to raiding) that I didn't include here, please post them in the comments.

That is all for today folks.

Till next time, I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

2 Response to "Add-ons"

  1. Euripides says:

    You shouldn't need to change your tracking any more- so long as you're tracking something on the list (not mailboxes :P), you'll get the full 5%.

    Wowsa says:

    Oh crap, really? I'm hoping that is a recent change and not something I've been nub about for ages XD

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