Due to the lackage of people not logging on when they said they would. As well as being unable to get a tank, we were unable to go into ICC last night as planed.
So professor putricide was not downed, and no blood princes were pulled on. :'(

So seeing as I have no footage to show you as I had planed, I'll be sharing my EPIC FAIL that happened this weekend.

Now I wanted to re-stock up on gems I need for transmutes and make a bit of easy gold while I did it. So I went to the AH and bought about 100 stacks of saronite ore, cleared out all the things I wouldn't be needing while prospecting and put them in my bank. After a long binge of prospecting I was done, sent the gems off to my bank alt, and grabbed my stuff out of my bank.
To my luck, my 2v2 partner came online just as I'd finish prospecting, so we grouped and poped in que.

when we zoned in, we got buffed and did the usual pre arena prep. About 3 seconds before the match started.....I remembered that I forgot to grab my arrows out of my bank.
Upon telling my mage 2v2 partner that her partner had no ammo, well.....I heard huntard and stupid, but I wasn't really listening because I was trying to think how the crap I was going to pull this off. Luckily the other team decided to let us come to them, so I had some time to sit and think. After about 20 seconds the other team came over to say hi, and I decided to just rush them, I poped traps and any thing else that might distract them to give my partner a couple of seconds to try and burst them. Regardless I was killed extremely fast(I know that I'm one of the worst pvp hunters out there...XD ), and really didn't do much of anything.

But the most humiliating part of this story is that my partner won the match without me doing anything but distracting them for 5 seconds XD.

Thats all for now, till next time:

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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