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Hey guys!! This post will be on enchants, just kind of felt like I may as well put one out on enchants since I my post yesterday was on gems.

So!!First off, enchants are much simpler then gems, you have fewer options, and no socket bonuses to worry about. Now I'm not going to give you a list of enchants, just because Wow-Heroes gives you a list of the best enchants out there, so just check out Wow-heroes.

As MM and SURV you want the top agil enchants the wow heroes lists, but as BM you want the top AP enchants.

Now, the enchants that you can't just buy, are your helm enchant and your shoulder enchant, these both require rep farming. Honestly, I just tossed on a ebon blade tabard for the helm enchant, and once I did the quest chain with sons of Hodir, I just bought relics of ulduar to finish that up for the shoulder enchant. Both these enchants are dirt easy to obtain.

Just like gems we have to option to enchant hit rating, again as I've said previously I tend to take 3 talents in focused aim before gemming/enchants hit. But if I'm still low on hit, and I only need a little bit of hit rating, I'll take the icewalker( +12 crit and hit ) if it's more then 12 then I'll just gem a +20 hit gem, but after 3 talents in focused aim, you'd have to pretty much be trying not to have any gear with hit rating on it to need that much hit.

Lastly, I'd like to address the boot enchants that give a minor run speed increase, such as tuskarr's vitality.
As a hunter, I would not recommend minor run speed enchants, except for fights that there is a ton of movement( I often enchant and re-enchant my boots in a raid if we're working on a progression boss that I have to move a lot in.) but the difference to having it and not is really not much.
If you do decide to go for the minor run speed increase, I recommend trying to get your hands on cat's swiftness ( +6 agil, plus minor speed ) better then tuskarr's, but cat's swiftness is really rare(at least on my server ) so tuskarr's is probably still your best bet.

thats all for today folk, till next time

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

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