Raiding With Lag/Latency

Hey guys!!!

Since most people do have latency issuses, I thought I'd share how I deal with my lag.
Normally in 10m raids, I don't have any lag, but in 25m I almost always do.

A couple things I'll talk about in this post us how you can prevent lag, and give some tips on raiding with lag.

So, first how to help prevent lag.
I use Leatrix Latency Fix and also WTFast .

Leatrix latency fix is a free, lightweight script. Just download, restart your compy and your good to go. This script does help quite a bit.

WTFast is a $5 a month program that you run with WoW, and it seriously helps with my lag.

I don't think I'd be able to raid 25m without these two, if you can't/ don't want to spend money on WTFast, I still higly recommend getting the leatrix latency fix.

Now, when you're in game and raiding, here are some tips that will help you raid with lag:

Recount takes up a ton of memory if you have data from a couple fights, I always reset it before each boss pull.

fire = bad for your health and latency, even though you shouldn't be standing in it anyways, it's just a little more motivation to get out of there.

* Try to have be as far away from the action as possible.
The more stuff going on the more lag you'll have, the farther away you are, the less lag you'll usually have. But keep in mind that your whole raid probably won't be to happy if you get boned on marrowgar and your in the corner on the far side of the room, or you don't get your stacks on fester because you don't want to lag. Be sure to use common sense, and remember that lag is not as bad as messing up raid mechanics.

*Double click your buttons.
When things come off of CD I always double click them to make sure that the shot gets off. For me this is really important, because if I have really bad lag, sometimes it will just skip my clicks, so double clicking ensures that my shot get off. There isn't really a down side to doing this, you can easily incorporate it into your rotation with out losing momentum.

When all else fails, just blame the gnome^.^

Thats all for today
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Till next time...

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask

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  1. Good

    Thanks for giving information.It's very useful tips for beginners.When i had a lag problem while playing online game,i followed your way.After that i checked my lag rate whether it's low or high using I got good results.

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