Gems/Enchants: BiS V.S. Trash

Hey guys, todays post is about BiS gems and enchants V.S. crappy enchants, and how much of a difference it makes.This post will mainly meant for newer hunters.

Now, I went to the spread sheet, replaced all my epic gems with their rare equivalent(except for dragons eyes since I'm a JC, and dragons eyes are cheap) and all my BiS enchants with one step down enchants(except for my ring enchants, which again are dirt cheap).

So, without BiS gems and enchants, I lost 173 dps unbuffed. Now thats actually quite a bit of DPS.
I also looked into what the cost difference is between BiS and trash gems/enchants, and on my server, since rare gems tend to be more expensive then most servers, the cost between have BiS and trash was about 650g.

Now, seeing as I don't know how much gold you have, I don't know if you think that 650G is a lot or not, but lets say that it is.

The easiest way to be able to get BiS gems/chants would be to grind heroics, hopefully you can find a tank in your guild, or maybe some guildies are grinding heroics to get their alts geared, either way, for every 4 heroics you do, you will have enough emblems to get a cardinal ruby(unless you get PoS 4 times in a row XD). Plus if you have an enchanter in your grinding group you should have a nice stash of enchanting mats after a while(don't forget that you also get 13g per random,so that will also help with costs).

So, know you know how much of a difference it makes, and an easy way to get BiS gems/chants, I'd like to share my opinion on what lvl of gear should have BiS gems/chants.

If you're just gearing up(eg. if you can still get upgrades from emblems of triumph) then don't really worry about it, untill your done getting gear upgrades(I would just toss greenie gems in my gear for a little while). Once you're at the point where you can't get upgrades from emblems of triumph, then it would be a good time to get BiS gems/chants, because really it's not hard to get enough gold to get the BiS stuff, and people that see you with junk gems and enchants will probably not take you seriouly.

My rule of thumb:

Put BiS gems/chants on gear thats:

* ilvl 232+
* ilvl 219+ gear that you won't be able to upgrade for a while.

Trash gem/chant gear thats:

*Under ilvl 219
*will be upraded within a day or so.

In my opinion, anyone without BiS gems/chants shouldn't be in ICC, only because ICC is progression for most people, and by not bringing your A game, your only wasting time.

thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask

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