Rant: Tier Set Bonuses

Hey guys!

so today's post will be on the hunters that think it's a good idea to take high ilvl non- tier V.S. lower lvl tier gear.
In almost every case you all hunters want to have 2 tier set bonuses, either two 2-set bonuses or a 2 set bonus and a 4 set bonus.

now of course if you have the option between some low ilvl tier gear(232 or under) and non-tier 264+ then yea you'll probably want the 264+ see a dps increase, but for you to have those options would be pretty rare.

But the main reason I'm writing this post is because, I see a lot of hunters that have 25m ICC 264s(which means they could probably have 251 T10 if they wanted). They're mostly just too caught up with trying to get a higher gear score.

My current tier gear is 2-piece T10(251 head and 264 shoulders) and 2 piece T9(232 legs and 245 hands). This (for my gear anyways, using the spreadsheets) is better then taking 4 pice T10, yes replacing a 245 and 232 would be a nice gear score upgrade, but My gear score is high enough that when I pug VOA and the weekly, people do hesitate to invite me, also I wouldn't care if my gear score is so low that people didn't think I could pull off the numbers I tell them I can. So long as I'm doing the most dps I can, I'm content.

thats all for today, till next time....

I'm Wowsa and don't forget to pop your flask.

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  1. I always like to screw around on femaledwarf.com to see what it would be if I get that one upgrade that might drop in a raid, but mostly it is with gems to see if i should switch from stacking Agi to armorpen yet.

    Wowsa says:

    I've found that you pretty much have to have access to ICC hard modes loot to be able to gem for ARP, or else it isn't worthit. unless you have the BiS that you can get from normal modes, which isn't the easiest thing to do either.

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