MORE DOTS!!!!!!!

Hey guys!!

Just wanted to post something, in general about DPS in a raid, and what my opinion on it is.
I think that there is no point, no matter how much dps you're doing(or how little other people are doing) that you can say "I'm doing enough DPS". Lets take professor putrcide for example:

If everyone is doing the bare minimum needed to down him, then great you'll get him down eventually. But if you're doing way more DPS then needed, you're shortening the fight Meaning that less slimes will comes out, and you'll have less time that you can make mistakes, and if you do make mistakes, then you will have room to get back up and start pew pewing. Plus the faster you down a boss, the more time you'll have for other bosses(moar epic lootz plz).

This is the reason I'm constantly trying to improve my DPS. At no point in time are you going to here me say "I'm doing enough DPS".

thats all for today guys, don't forget that you can still email me for a character audit, and you can also check me out on twitter .
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I'm Wowsa, and don't forget to pop your flask

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